The Kindergarten Day Nursery & Pre School.
The Old Hendon Ex-Serviceman’s Club, 10-12 Heriot Road, Hendon, NW4 2DG.


Here at The Kindergarten we try to offer a very full and enjoyable curriculum for all the children. In order to do this we provide different classes on each day to enhance their learning skill, meet the targets set within the Early Years Foundation Curriculum and prepare them for Reception Class.

Monday is cookery with Kiddi Cook. A great weekly activity that sees the children prepare delicious foods to bring home and share with you as well as an educational singalong and story time promoting healthy foods and learning about different ingredients.
Cost: £54 per term or £18 per month or £4.50 per week.

Tuesday is French Class with La Jolie Ronde. The children are separated into two age groups, older and younger, and have half an hour of singing and learning essential words and phrases. Classes are engaging and fun for all.
Cost: £54 per term or £18 per month or £4.50 per week.

Wednesday is Dancing Class with Lucy Sparkles and the highlight of the children’s week as they follow this fun musical curriculum. Dancing and singing for a fun hour of happiness.
Cost: £35 per term. Payment in full required.

Thursday is Tennis with Jonty Solomons from Brampton Grove Tennis Club. The children adore this physical education activity in which they learn ball skills and how to use a racket as well as loads of fun games.
Cost: Free of charge. Children are also welcome to attend lessons at a reduced rate at the tennis club.

Friday is Computer lessons (IT). An excellent learning curriculum is provided by Click-It Computers and teaches the children a huge range of computer skills and games that are so essential in this day and age.
Cost: £78 per term or £26 per month or £6.50 per week.

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